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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Lawyer in Toronto, Brampton & North York

If you need the help of an attorney to guide you through a civil matter, you have come to the right place. Whether you are dealing with a disagreement related to property, child custody, or a business contract, you do not need to navigate the complex waters surrounding a civil dispute on your own. Enlist the assistance of Mattis Law Professional Corporation located in Toronto, Brampton and North York (as well as other parts of the GTA) today!

Here to Help

As we understand that legal battles can be confusing and emotionally exhausting, Mattis Law Professional Corporation will work to facilitate a timely resolution to your civil law matter. When you work with us, all of you questions and concerns regarding your case will be answered. You can expect prompt, responsive, and professional service as soon as you become our client.
Call Mattis Law Professional Corporation to protect your rights and put your best interests first: (647) 348-6588.

Our Expertise

• Contract disputes
• Employment law
• Wrongful dismissal
• Collections
• Civil and Commercial litigation
• Landlord tenant matters
• Employment and labour
• Administrative and tribunal matters

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