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Great service! Completely satisfied

I have had the privilege of having Maurice Mattis as my lawyer for my family law case. Mr. Mattis exudes a wealth of experience and his knowledge shows in his performance in the court room. He shows professionalism and compassion for his clients and one can rest assured that he will defend his clients fully.

Mr. Mattis will give you a realistic outlook of your case, and he ensures that you're confident in how the law can work for you.
I would highly recommend Mr. Mattis for family and criminal law. He's a phenomenal lawyer!

- LaVerne Rose

Great service! Completely satisfied

"I went to Mattis Law for an arrest. I was facing 3 years in jail. My lawyer was professional, friendly and went above and beyond to ensure good terms for me. He was able to get my jail sentence greatly reduced. I would recommend Mattis Law to everybody. Great service, great people, and excellent lawyers."

-Tyrone C.

High quality, caring service. You get more than your monies worth!

"We dealt with Mattis Law several years ago - my son was facing a charge. From the beginning we found Mr Mattis and his staff very caring and sensitive our issues. They made us feel comfortable and confident. Mr Mattis guided us through the entire process and took the fear out of it. He used his knowledge and influence in the legal industry to get my son the best deal - in the end, my son walked away without jail time or a negative criminal record. I would highly recommend the Mattis Law to anyone who needs a great lawyer."

-Collette T.

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