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Criminal Law

If you are a suspect or you've been charged, you could face jail time or other penalties. You need a Scarborough or Brampton Criminal Firm, so you can know your options. You need an experienced law firm that can help you now. We work with people who are in jail, who are suspects and those who are concerned that they will be suspects.

Family Law

If you have a serious family issue, you need help now from a Scarborough or Brampton Family Law Firm. You may need to get out of a marriage or get access to your kids or make sure you are paying the child benefit is appropriate. You need a lawyer who will make sure you are treated fairly and get the result that you need.

About Mattis Law

Mattis Law is focused on getting people the legal help that they need. We provide legal counsel and advise to enable out clients to get the best possible outcome.

We are a leading law firm in Scarborough and Brampton.

Our firm is involved in:

  • Mattis Law is on the Aboriginal Panel for Legal Aid
  • Mattis Law is on the Serious Case Management for Legal Aid
  • Mr. Mattis is the Director of the Board for RESQ Youth Organization (Region of Peel) for very troubled youth

Clients choose us because we care, and we treat out clients with dignity. We give them our time and experience and we are available to our clients 24X7.

Mattis Law has a reputation for success. We have many satisfied clients and we have a great reputation in the courts.

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How to Work with Our Firm

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Call our law firm, no matter your situation.

Advise and Advocate

We advise you on your rights and options.

Best Possible Results

We work to get you the result for your best interests.

Before we take your case, we look to understand your case and advise you before you begin paying, including:

  • Is a lawyer the best option?
  • What is the best course of action?
  • If money is very tight for you, can you do it on your own?
  • Is your case winnable? If not, what can you expect?
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The Legal Help You Need

Mattis Law Firm in Scarborough and Brampton will help to solve your legal matters. We specialize in personal service for you and every aspect of your case. You can leave your legal concerns in the care of our firm.

If you are dealing with an urgent issue call Mattis Law today to book an appointment. We are flexible with our appointments because we know that you may need help outside of normal business hours.

Our firm has significant experience in court. That means that if court is needed to get the results you need, we know how to operate in a court of law. We know how to best represent you and your interests.

At Mattis Law, we are ready to push the envelope on cases and set new precedents. Cases which Mattis Law has worked on have created case law (see link below). Our firm has been quoted in several law journals.

  • Application for third party records, all identifiers removed.
  • Family Law matter for support, Keast v Keast.
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Law Society of Upper Canada

Peel Law Association

Criminal Lawyers Association of Toronto

"I have had the privilege of having Maurice Mattis as my lawyer for my family law case. Mr. Mattis exudes a wealth of experience and his knowledge shows in his performance in the court room. He shows professionalism and compassion for his clients and one can rest assured that he will defend his clients fully.

Mr. Mattis will give you a realistic outlook of your case, and he ensures that you're confident in how the law can work for you. I would highly recommend Mr. Mattis. He's a phenomenal lawyer!"

L. Rose