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If you're currently going through a matter regarding family law such as a divorce or a child custody battle, Mattis Law knows how difficult it can be to remain emotionally stable and resolve the circumstances transpiring between you and your spouse, partner, or family member. We are here to help you reach peaceful resolutions and offer you the compassion and legal service that you require during your trialing times.

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Divorce Lawyer Toronto
Legal Separation Lawyer Toronto
Domestic Partnerships
Child Custody/Access - The most complicated and emotional issue in a divorce case is child custody. If you want to hire an experienced lawyer for child custody in Toronto, Brampton & North York and access case, contact Mattis Law Professional Corporation today.
Child Support
Spousal Support
Domestic Violence
Property Distribution

If you are ready to put your conflicts behind you and ready to move towards a fresh start, contact Mattis Law Professional Corporation to schedule a consultation